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As a business and technology specialist,
I assist businesses on how to best utilize Internet-related technologies to meet their core business needs.

With over 20 years of IT industry experience, which span web marketing, web design and hosting, support, network management, and writing about technology, I have experience with a range of businesses and non-profits from startup to network/security administrator for a regional bank, and security specialist.

I founded Southpoint.com in 1996, a popular travel destination guide, and have developed web sites for many types of businesses and associations.

Currently, I am a writer for
Web Hosting Industry Review
and technical advisor for leading publishers.

In addition to Web Hosting, I have also co-authored: Ace the Technical Interview, 4th Edition, (Osborne McGraw Hill) and Professional JSP (Wrox).

Covers my section on HTML, XML, and technologies such as SAP, Linux, Java servlets, etc.
Yes, that's me, second from the left at the top.

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