C# Cookbook
by Stephen Teilhet and Jay Hilyard
Published by: 
O'Reilly & Associates
856 pages
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Aptly named as a cookbook, this is not your father's reference book. It is packed with over 200 C# programming snippets to get developers up and running fast. The best way to learn is by doing, and programmers have access to complete coding samples, with solid programming guidelines, on writing quality code. 
The book is organized by programming problems that developers may come across as they get familiar with C# and the .NET Framework, including how the coding works, plus  limitations and alternatives to consider. Practical coding examples are included, such as removing and replacing characters within a string, choosing a serializer, handling exceptions, counting lines of text, creating a strongly typed exception, parsing a URI, securely storing data, comparing pointers, and validating XML.  
Some of the many topics covered within 17 sections include:
- Working with XML
- Security
- Network programming
- Throwing and handling exceptions
- Diagnostics
- Managing files and directories
The authors, Teilhet and Hilyard, work with Compuware NuMega Lab, and write and work with Windows and .NET technologies. 
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