Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
by  Ken Milburn , Robert Eckstein  (Editor)
Published by: 
O'Reilly & Associates
400 pages
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It seems everyone nowadays has a digital camera. As the author, Ken Milburn's love for photography shines through as he explains in conversational terms how to decide on the best digital camera for your needs, offering numerous ways to take those memorable shots, and manipulate images through various image-editing tools (Adobe Photoshop and others covered in detail). As a photographer myself, I found many chapters offering valuable tips on retouching, visual compositioning, and color correction in the image-editing process.

The book includes lots of color photograph examples, which visually helps in the learning process to see the practical benefits of each technique clearly for professional photographers and wannabees. As the trend in photography is clearly digital over 35mm, the author helps the reader make the transition a smooth one. 

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