Linux Unwired
by Roger Weeks, Ed Dumbill, and Brian Jepson
Published by:
O'Reilly & Associates
297 pages
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There are a myriad of wireless technologies now available, from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, to cellular, and this book devotes a chapter on each on explaining the technologies and how to get connected with them all through Linux. Wi-Fi is discussed in further detail, given it's use in corporate and home networks. Configuring wireless with Linux is viewed as being more complicated than Windows, simply due to how customizable and powerful it is. It's not simply a matter of plugging in a card and instantly getting access.

The book provides Linux users with the knowledge they need to install and configure different wireless technologies, whether in their laptops, cellphones, or PDAs, in the most flexible ways to fit their daily schedules. Freely available tools are discussed, and how to use them to locate wireless hotspots. Wireless security issues are covered as well.

The authors have extensive experience with the technologies, and will provide the reader with a complete understanding of the possibilities and power of Linux and gaining wireless access.

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