Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora, Fourth Edition
by Bill McCarty
Published by:
O'Reilly & Associates
326 pages
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Designed for those wanting to get familiar with Linux, this edition instructs the reader on the two Red Hat distributions, one subscription-based, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the other is open source Fedora (supported by volunteers), which is included on CDs within the book. A good portion of the book is spent on installation, booting (using GRUB), and configuration of Linux, with coverage of both types of desktop environments (GNOME and KDE).

How to do everyday tasks within Linux is covered as well, from browsing the Internet, checking email, to working on documents, and acquiring software through the Red Hat Package Manager. Advanced sections are included to demonstrate how to share files, LAN networking, and even writing Unix shell scripts. The book should be perfect for the newbie who is wanting to learn more on how to effectively start using the Red Hat distribution of Linux.

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