The Perl CD Bookshelf (Version 4.0)
by O'Reilly & Associates Staff
Published by: 
O'Reilly & Associates
737 pages + CD
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Buy Now via Amazon is designed around it. Most web sites at one time or another have used it in processing CGI scripts. Perl was developed by Larry Wall, a programmer, in 1987, for managing systems. Perl has continued to progress into a feature rich language for handling a myriad of computer tasks. 
For Perl mongers out there, the CD bookshelf material is an amazing resource, comprising over 3,800 pages within 6 of the latest version Perl reference books on CD. Books include the Perl CookbookLearning Perl Objects, References, and ModulesProgramming Perl, and Learning Perl. In addition, the bookshelf includes a handy Perl in a Nutshell book and Perl content from the O'Reilly Network. For version 4.0, included are the latest tips, tweaks, and many more coding examples for working with the latest version of Perl. 
If you work with Perl, this is a must have resource.    
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