Excel Hacks
by David & Raina Hawley
Published by: 
O'Reilly & Associates
283 pages 
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As a longtime user of Excel, I wish that this book had been available years ago. For newbies, on first glimpse, Microsoft Excel can be confusing and frustrating. How can I make practical use of all this data I enter? Why can't I get that formula to work? How can I automatically calculate these fields, and compare it to these projections? The book covers 100 tips and tools to work better with workbooks, Excel features, tables, charts, macros, formulas, functions, and XML that will appeal to newbie and advanced Excel spreadsheet users. At the start, the book offers helpful advice on the best ways to enter data, standardizing workbooks, and avoiding common pitfalls. Many of Excel's best features are hidden, and the book focuses within each of these areas. Macros are discussed at length, showing how to automate those repetitive tasks that are done countless times.

I would have preferred coverage of tips such as assigning case to multiple fields, working with CSV files, and more coverage of merging Excel data with other programs (although there is a practical section on using XML and Web Services).

It's all about manipulating data. Excel Hacks is like a service manual, and will show you practical tips in working with your data, and getting the results you need.

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