Apple Confidential 2.0
by Owen W. Linzmayer
Published by: 
No Starch Press
344 pages
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In an update from his previous book, the author delves further into the rich history of Apple Computers. The history of Apple is one of innovation, taking chances, and being the non-conformist of the computing world. For those old enough, who can forget the groundbreaking Orwellian ad "Big Brother," which caused a sensation during the 1984 Super Bowl? As discussed in the book, the ad almost wasn't aired. The commercial was directed by Ridley Scott (of Alien fame), and featured a gray world of conformists, except for a woman (representing Apple) who shakes things up, and introduced the world to the Macintosh. Go back in time and see the commercial here.
Linzmayer weaves the development of Apple from vision to modern day in an entertaining way, with plenty of photos, interviews, highlights of the leaders and designers of the company, with plenty of historical tidbits. The early development of each line is covered, from the Apple I, Lisa, Macintosh, to the iMac and iPod, with insights included by the developers of the products. The book captures the pulse of Apple, and finds it still beating strong.  
The author, Owen Linzmayer, is a freelance writer and user-interface designer, based in San Francisco, and has written about and followed Apple for over 20 years. 
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