Wicked Cool Shell Scripts
by Dave Taylor
Published by: 
No Starch Press
368 pages 
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With over 100 practical scripts designed especially for UNIX (including Linux and Mac OS X) system administrators and power users, the book focuses on ways to become productive in using the UNIX shell. 
From a server perspective, many quite useful scripts are inside, including traffic analysis of web sites, web site mirroring, disk backups, file locking, adding/deleting users, tweaking UNIX settings, and document error checking. Four sections will be of special interest to webmasters and administrators, including script examples for creating page counters, displaying text randomly, dynamic pages, processing forms, tracking disk usage, and file synchronization.
The content's not all business though, with scripts that include games, weather and news tracking, and a calculator. The scripts are all written utilizing the Bourne shell. The author also includes details on how to develop your own scripts as well. 
The author, Dave Taylor, has written many books on UNIX, and has software included in many UNIX distributions. 
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