Linux For Non-Geeks
by Rickford Grant
Published by: 
No Starch Press
336 pages, w/ 2 CDs 
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You've heard the stories of stability and ease of use. Still, for newbies, getting their feet wet in the Linux waters for the first time can raise uncertainty, especially with the Microsoft F.U.& D. advertising mantra. This book will show the absolute newbie in a learn-by-doing format how to start using Linux for everyday tasks, from installation of Fedora (based on Red Hat Linux), to configuring and using the GNOME desktop. The layout of the book is organized into projects, where the reader builds on their knowledge, with lots of illustrations included. The book also includes a copy of Fedora Linux, plus productivity software for email, the Internet, handling documents, graphics, and more.
Written originally as a tutorial for his Mom, the book is a practical guide for anyone wanting to get started with Linux, without knowing how to go about doing it. Hat's off to the author for making his first book a success in explaining the topic in a focused and understandable way, with humor and style.

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