Cisco Routers For The Desperate
by Michael Lucas

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No Starch Press
129 pages 
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This is a small book, but packed with essential information for all types of scenarios in dealing with Cisco router problems when they arise within a TCP/IP network. Routers are one of those devices which many times are "set it and forget it" within a network. When problems occur that are router based, having this book nearby is an insurance policy for getting things back on track quickly. The book guides you through using the different configurations and commands of Cisco routers, troubleshooting, including IP routing with BGP, HSRP, and making updates, all presented in a concise and readable format..

The book is organized as follows:
Chapter 1: Befriending the Command Line
Chapter 2: Router Configuration
Chapter 3: Router Interfaces
Chapter 4: Router Connections
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Routers
Chapter 6: IOS Changes
Chapter 7: Redundancy
Chapter 8: Logins, Authentication, and Remote Access
Chapter 9: Cisco Network Services
Appendix A: IP Addresses and Netmasks

The author, Michael Lucas, has been working with Cisco-based devices since 1995 as a network engineer, and is the author of Absolute OpenBSD and Absolute BSD.
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