The Book of SCSI, I/O For the New Millennium
by Gary Field
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No Starch Press
428 pages, w/ CD 
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SCSI came into being in 1979 as a hard drive interface for minicomputers. Since that time, the technology has expanded to include handling a wide range of PC devices, from hard drives, printers, CD-ROMS, tape drives, scanners, DVD, and optical drives to become unmatched in flexibility. This release is the 2nd edition of The Book of SCSI, and has been completely rewritten by the author, Gary Field. Gary Field has worked with SCSI since 1985, and maintains the web site at 
The book includes a "soup to nuts" approach to describing SCSI, performance enhancement tips, and how to troubleshoot SCSI problems. Included is an overview of SCSI 3, with diagrams and a glossary of SCSI terms. The CD-ROM includes Adobe Acrobat files of the book and several SCSI utilities. As a computer professional in seeking to learn about SCSI, and to expand the available devices on your systems, consider this book as a good addition to your technical book library. 
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