The Book of Visual Studio.NET
by Robert Dunaway
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No Starch Press
456 pages
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For developers, the .NET framework has introduced a whole new array of ways to utilize various technologies together. Visual Studio.NET is an all-in-one developers package that is designed to shorten the development cycle, and lead to rapid application development. The key here is making it less burdensome for the developer in developing Web services and applications. The book provides an excellent introduction to the full capabilities available with the software. Includes are comprehensive screenshots of menus and components, with examples of built-in design and database tools which cover how to integrate technologies such as ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML Web Services, and ADO.NET, along with chapters that focus on installing and using each with Visual Studio.NET. This also includes making applications that are cross platform and multipe language capable. As .NET emerges, and is now able to integrate with different programming languages such as Java and Python (which has just recently been added for .NET), this book will provide the developer with a comprehensive tool on learning Visual Studio.NET that will allow him to start building .NET applications quickly. 
The author, Robert B. Dunaway, MCSE, MCSD, is a system architect for Strategic Data Systems in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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