Absolute BSD
by Michael Lucas
Published by: 
No Starch Press
612 pages
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Absolute BSD is a practical guide for systems administrators and wannabes that runs the gamut from installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and optimization of the FreeBSD operating system. But just what is FreeBSD? FreeBSD is a free, opensource Unix implementation of the BSD operating system (the Berkeley System Some of the capabilities which are discussed include FreeBSD's elaborate TCP/IP stack, NFS support, remote management, domain site management, and .NET support. For more of a background on the FreeBSD operating system, visit here

The author, Michael Lucas, has put his expertise as a FreeBSD committer (developers that can modify FreeBSD's source code) and adminstrator to good use in designing a practical how to guide for managing FreeBSD. Due to its' reliability and stability, it is used by many of the largest web sites today, including the base for Apples' new Mac OS X. 

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